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Cards For Keeps. Sage Green

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Santa Letters. Red

A $28.95

Cards For Keeps. Blush

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Tooth Fairy Letters. Pink

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Tooth Fairy Letters. Blue

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Childhood Letters Blue Bundle

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Childhood Letters Pink Bundle

A $52.11 A $57.90

Sentimental Stories Captured in Card Journals

Sending a letter to someone is akin to sharing a part of who you are. In fact, we always say there’s nothing more sentimental than a personal, handwritten card. And what better way to keep them all in one place than in a card journal!

What letter writing journals do you stock?

Cards for Keeps is a special journal for your partner, children, family or friends to write cards, draw pictures or stick photos for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and any other occasions close to your heart. Each year, cards can be designed with words, drawings or photos with well wishes for any occasion, kept in the one place together to look back on with fond memories for years to come.

Raising You is an unprompted, lined card journal for you to write to your child. A letter a month or when you feel the urge to tell a story or remember special moments. A journal for parents or grandparents to keep their thoughts and wishes and create a special keepsake to pass down.

Tooth Fairy Letters is a lovely tradition to do with your children as they lose their baby teeth. Receiving a letter back from the Tooth Fairy herself is all sorts of magical! Use this journal to write these special letters, keeping them together to look over and cherish in all the years to come. The Santa Letters card journal is a very magical and exciting place which makes Christmas morning even more enchanting after Santa replies back to letters written to him on Christmas Eve!

These little journals inspire the magic of childhood and become a joyful memento over the years. You can get both together in the Childhood Letters Bundle.

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