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Hobby Journals

What is a hobby journal?

In a world that moves at a relentless pace, a hobby can become your sanctuary, where time stands still and you're free to explore your passions without constraints. Hobbies fill your life with purpose and fulfilment. They provide an outlet to release stress, channel emotions, and find solace in the midst of chaos.

Why use a hobby journal?

A hobby journal gives you a place to brainstorm, design, project plan and track, pattern make, write or keep to do’s and bring your hobby projects to life. Whether you want to organise your thoughts or set goals, putting pen to paper helps you get more enjoyment out of your hobbies.

What hobbies do you stock journals for?

The Hobby Dot Journal is an unprompted dot planner that can be used for sewing, knitting, looking after plants, quilting, writing music, travelling, designing furniture, and really any hobby that benefits from putting pen to paper and letting creativity flow. Bring your hobby projects to life with space to design, project plan and track, pattern make, write, and keep a to-do list or schedule.

Our Plant and Garden Journal is the perfect companion for all plant lovers and gardening enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the joy of documenting your botanical journey, from vibrant indoor greens to flourishing outdoor landscapes.

In a world where memories can fade, your Travel Journal becomes the treasure chest that holds your experiences forever. It's not just about jotting down places and dates; it's about reliving the thrill of that mountain peak, the serenity of that hidden café and the laughter shared with newfound friends.

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