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With My Mother. Denim Blue

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Mother Memory Bundle

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Motherhood Journals & Memory Books

Motherhood journals are a place to write your heart out. All your feelings, emotions, happy thoughts, sad thoughts - let your frustrations out, process emotions and unload some of the emotional weight that comes with being a mum. Or, even just use it as somewhere to download at the end of each day, capturing memories so that one day you can read back all about one of the most important things you will ever do as a woman - being a mama!

What are the benefits of journaling as a mum?

Putting pen to paper can help navigate some of the most emotionally challenging times in our lives. In fact, journaling is a really helpful tool when it comes to navigating mental health challenges that arise when you are sleep deprived, your body is adjusting to many changes, and all the while you’re raising children - it’s no wonder this can be the most demanding and challenging stage of your life! A mum journal gives you a place to articulate thoughts and feelings, and perhaps write things down that you wouldn’t say out loud or want to discuss with anyone - a place to let things go and work through. A mother also creates so many beautiful moments and memories with her children, and a motherhood journal gives you a space to document those special times. Whether you want to capture and record in writing or photographs as your children grow, a mum journal helps you create a treasured heirloom to pass down and look back on in all the years to come.

Can I use a motherhood journal if I’m not a mum?

Of course - we find that teenagers and adults like to use a mum journal to create an unforgettable gift for their mother for a special birthday or Mother’s Day. Simply include print-outs of your favourite family photos and descriptions of moments past for a beautiful, personalised keepsake.

Can I make an heirloom for my children with a motherhood journal?

Yes - in fact, Raising You is perfect for this! With 96 lined pages, Raising You is an unprompted journal so you can fill out your memories when and how you want, whether it’s a letter a month or a page for key milestones and birthdays. Jot down your thoughts and wishes and create a special keepsake that makes the perfect 21st birthday or pre-parenthood present for when they are entering on the journey themselves.

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