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Baby. Birth To Five Years. Grey

A $54.95

Baby. Birth To Five Years. Blue

A $54.95

Baby. Birth To Five Years. Pink

A $54.95

Baby. The First Year. Grey

A $68.95

Your Baby Story

A $35.95

Baby Firsts

A $68.95

Baby. Your First Five Years. Blush

A $62.97 A $89.95

Baby. Your First Five Years. Light Grey

A $62.97 A $89.95

Road To Baby. Dusk

A $39.95

Baby + Bump Oatmeal Bundle

A $98.01 A $108.90

Pregnancy + Baby Bundle

A $85.41 A $94.90

Baby Memory Books & Keepsakes

From the moment you first set eyes on your little one, you are filled with love, wonder, and excitement for the journey that is to come. Our baby journal and baby book collection is designed to capture all of the precious memories and milestones of your baby's first years. From the first giggle to the first steps, our journals are a beautiful way to celebrate and cherish your little one's journey. With plenty of space for photos, stories and milestones, our journals are thoughtfully designed to be modern and timeless, with simple and open-ended prompts that make them easy to fill out. Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned veteran, these journals will become a cherished keepsake that you'll treasure for years to come.

What should I include in my baby keepsake book?

Although our baby memory books are full of prompts to help you detail the best milestones of your baby journey, a lot of people like to personalise their book a step further. Some ideas of extra additions to include are polaroid photos (eg. of your pregnancy test), small prints of your ultrasound, a lock of your baby's hair, and newspaper clippings from the day of your baby's birth.

What is on the inside of your baby memory books?

Our baby memory books contain a range of helpful prompts, helping you capture and eternalise all the beautiful moments that come with having a baby. We also leave some pages blank to allow you to document and describe whatever you wish. Each of our baby books have a different focus in terms of the time period they are designed to document, ranging from one year all the way to 21. Although they each differ, you can expect to record things such as your baby's first step, first words, first tooth, birthdays and many more moments.

Where can I buy a baby keepsake book?

Our range of baby keepsake books are available online, or alternatively through our stockists across Australia and New Zealand.

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