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Journals can be some of the most priceless possessions you can own. An irreplaceable family heirloom, capturing moments in a child’s life or a personal place to tell your thoughts and feelings.


Keeping our journals is all about handwriting. We have had so many people over the years tell us, “oh but who handwrites anymore? Are there not digital outputs that save time?”, “I just started an email for my baby and we write to her there” or “who has the time for that”.

To us however, it is so much more than the information. It is about handwriting. When someone makes the effort to write you a letter, or send a birthday card, a postcard – the feeling of love you have is so beyond opening an e card or an email. Soul, substance, and a lot of care factor are lost in digital technologies.

More than that, you keep these snippets of writing that are so dear, and one day that person might pass on before you. Having their handwriting is like a piece of them remains with you. You can run your fingers over the letters and it can bring moments and feelings alive. Having journals left to you, perhaps about you, perhaps written for you – there is nothing more sentimental or priceless you can own from someone you loved.

This sentiment is the reason we started our business. My husband lost both parents when he was 12 years old. A box of letters written by his mother are some of the few physical belongings he has from her and reading them he has a piece of her with him. Stories can be re told and questions you may want to ask are answered.

Making the effort to keep journals in handwriting and photos create family heirlooms to either pass down or look over each year. Capturing details in memories of pregnancy, baby milestones, occasions, birthdays, Christmas, holidays, school days, family gratitude’s or just everyday writing can be enjoyed for the now and long into the future. 

Keeping personal journals can also be very therapeutic. A daily gratitude, a place to plan directions and blue-sky goals, a place to download thoughts and feelings. It is a practise that can have profound effect on everyday life.

The time you take to journal can be as little as 5mins a day. Taking the time is the step in keeping a journal that will have you pouring back over pages created by you, passed down by you, that can become the most priceless gift from you.


Stuck on what to write in a card? Inside you will find message inspirations to write inside your pregnancy gifting card or even inscribe the journal.
Having childhood memories documented creates a time capsule that can be looked back on in the future. This Childhood journal will become such a special heirloom to pass down in handwriting that means so much.

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