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Easter is one of my most loved holidays. So eggciting!!!

I love the family time and traditions, I love eating chocolate, I love the craft, I love the baking and I loooove the egg hunts!

If you have children, waking up to dusty rabbit footprints down the hallway ready for a big hunt on Easter Sunday creates so much excitement.

We have put together a list of some creative egg hunt ideas that will hopefully bring some extra fun to your morning.

Glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt. 

Hide plastic eggs that have been filled with small LED lights or glow sticks in a dark room or outside at night. Kids will love the challenge of searching for glowing eggs.

Puzzle hunt. 

Instead of filling eggs with candy or treats, put pieces of a puzzle inside each egg. Kids will have to find all the eggs to complete the puzzle.

Alphabet hunt.

Hide eggs with letters on them, and have kids search for all the eggs to spell out a secret message or word.

Colour-coded hunt.

Assign each child a specific colour and hide only that colour of eggs for them to find.

Scavenger hunt. 

Create a list of clues that lead kids to different locations where they can find eggs. The last clue should lead them to a hidden basket of treats.

Treasure hunt.

Create a map with clues that lead kids to a hidden treasure trove of Easter goodies.

Blindfolded hunt.

Blindfold one child at a time and have them search for eggs with the help of a friend who gives them directions.

Reverse egg hunt.

Have the children hide eggs for the adults to find.

Egg toss. 

Divide kids into teams and have them toss raw eggs back and forth. The team with the last unbroken egg wins.

Egg roll.

Set up a racecourse with hills and obstacles, and have kids roll hard-boiled eggs down the course. The first egg to reach the finish line wins.

Document Your Easter Memories.

With so much activity throughout Easter festivities, there are so many cute and memorable moments to document the celebrations and the time you spent together in handwritten words and photos.

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