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When we both moved out of home mum gifted us with a folder that contained all our family recipes with a note that said “These recipes can now live on in your own homes”.

These were the recipes that we not only loved eating throughout our childhood, but also had so many memories attached to them. There were the recipes that were at every family occasion, the cookie and slice recipes that were staples in our lunch boxes or when friends came over, and the recipes that make traditional Easter and Christmas gatherings what they still are today.

This was such a special gift, but it made us think we really need a recipe journalthat can be passed down. Not just an ordinary recipe journal but one that also documents the history and emotion attached. A journal that can be filled out in handwriting – because really there is nothing more special than a handwritten family recipe book!

So, our Recipes Passed Down journal was born. A place for these cherished recipes to live, that are not only about food, but the memories that go hand in hand.


Recipes Passed Down Journal

We made sure to include important features like where the recipe came from, the history of the recipe plus tips and advice too. It is always a topic of conversation round our dinner tables who the recipe came from and the history that is engrained in their making.

It opens to a beautiful endpaper of olive branches which is sentimental for us personally and a contents page for 96 recipes with numbered pages so that recipes can be easily found. Recipes can also be grouped in columns in you like - for example mains and desserts.

Recipes Passed Down Journal

You may also like to have your journal filled out by your family members. This creates an authentic family recipe journal in your loved one’s handwriting! We think this would make such a special heirloom.

Our Recipes Passed Down journals are available in stone or wine linen covers.

Recipes Passed Down Stone

Recipes Passed Down Wine

They also make a perfect gift for moving out of home, engagement, wedding, kitchen tea or to someone that loves to cook.

A popular kitchen tea idea is to pass it around to all guests where they handwrite their favourite recipe. This creates a cookbook for the bride-to-be from all her family and friends.

We have many traditional recipes in our family – many are baking as our mum loves to bake! But we thought we would share our go to ragu that we serve with pasta and lots of parmesan cheese. During winter this is a staple weekly dish and ticks all the comfort food boxes.

See "Mum's Lamb Ragu" recipe HERE.

Take the time to create your own Recipes Passed Down. It can become a family heirloom with much loved memories of food shared around your table with the people you love.

View our recipe journals here.

Recipes Passed Down JournalRecipes Passed Down Journal

Stuck on what to write in a card? Inside you will find message inspirations to write inside your pregnancy gifting card or even inscribe the journal.
Having childhood memories documented creates a time capsule that can be looked back on in the future. This Childhood journal will become such a special heirloom to pass down in handwriting that means so much.

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